Rabu, 30 November 2011

Tricks Put Google Translate in Blog and Website

Website or blog is a medium to date information that summarize the data in the form of news and data. Accurate and appropriate information is the main capital in managing a website or blog. Reasons it would make the visitors are very interested and subscription information by periodically into your site. Of course this will increase traffic and Alexa good assessment of the search engines like Google so get Pagerank.

Indonesia participated in the competition for the world internet websites and blogs, and even tried to build a site that is international english language. Wow! Tricks Put Google Translate in Blog and Website Moreover, supported by a unique and updated the article interesting. It would be more value for your site visitors not only from Indonesia but also from around the world.

Website or blog in Indonesian language is likely to get traffic from abroad? Of course! Because we can use the online features of Google Translate. Tricks Put Google Translate in Blog and Website - By using the Google Translate will guide foreign visitors translate your site kebahasa them. HTML code that you simply plug the widget in your blog or website according to the index.php page that you want.

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