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cara setting modem speedy

As with regular use of the Speedy service, login and password Speedy
prepayment can be used with PPPoE mode (Figure 1) with a login and
password is planted in the modem, as well as bridging mode of use
dial from the computer (Figure 2). Each brand has a way of setting the modem
different but the principle is not much different.
For ease of use in the home is more advisable to use
bridging mode. This is to avoid cases forgot to turn off the modem
can lead to long duration (for Speedy time based) and
big usage due to network attacks (for Speedy volume based).
Figure 1. Modem with PPPoE routing mode.
Figure 2: Modem in bridging mode.
If the modem is set to bridging mode, then to connect must be
through the menu dial-up broadband using tools that already
provided by the computer operating system used.
For Windows 98/ME/2000 penguna who want to perform bridging connections must
install the PPPoE software client for Windows 98/ME/2000 first
(eg RasPPPoE), because Windows 98/ME/2000 not equipped with
facility for bridging connections.
The difference between PPPoE mode with the bridging mode as follows:
Annex 2. Setting Connection in Windows
Setting in Windows XP as follows:
a. Click Start -> Control Panel -> Network and Internet Connections.
b. select Network Connections.

c. Pilih Create a new connection.
d. Klik Next.

e.salect Connect to the Internet, klik Next.
f. salect Set up my connection manually, klik Next.

g. salect Connect using a broadband connection that requires a user name and password, klik Next.

h. Fill in the ISP Name (free) such as Speedy, click Next.

i. Enter the User name: Password: Confirm password, click Next. Speedy is the user name for the login ID that was in the envelope containing the password plus the realm@telkom.net.
j. Give a sign on the Add a shortcut to this connection to my desktop, click Finish.

 k. After pressing Finish on or every time we click the icon on our desktop Speedy, this menu will appear:
l. After the user name & password filled and selected Connect, then our computer will authenticate to the RADIUS server, and the menu will appear as follows:

m. If authentication is successful, it will appear two small computer icon in the bottom right of the screen. If the icon is clicked will show the status:
To end the Internet connection, click Disconnect on the menu Speedy This status.
n. If authentication fails, it will display an error message like below:

Some error messages that often arise when a connection fails are as follows:

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