Kamis, 01 Desember 2011

Complete Tutorial Ubuntu Server

Recently, I was keen to learn to make my favorite cafe routers where the router is functioning as antivirus, firewall, proxy server, ... I tried this for a month and have tried several routers instant of linux and everything nice, .. mantabhhh, ... Lately Internet access from ISPs sometimes fall dramatically, the possibility of bandwidth from the ISP already started to overload that is why I was so adamant to learn and make the router from Linux, Using the Internet router to complete such a well can save bandwidth and network security can be increased, ..
A few days ago I tried to make the router in the cafe I used Clarkconnect, but now I want to try to make the router completed using ubuntu server, I was way way using uncle google I found a complete tutorial ubuntu server, settingannya very complete,
Description of the contents of the tutorial
Language = Indonesia, Equipped with captions, .. settingannya dipercontohkan using ubuntu server 8.10 and speedy setting, but do not worry you can use these tutorials for ubuntu 9.10 or any other version and use the internet connection in addition to speedy but must be modified slightly

well now I'm mempelarinya, .. let's learn together
if interested and in need please
download tutorial ==> HERE <==

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